Sunday, May 19, 2013

Volcanoes-Mentor Text

I'm linking up with Collaboration Cuties today for their Must Read Mentor Text linky. I love this linky, but my wallet does not! I have a huge wishlist on Amazon and Barnes and Noble right now, and I seem to keep adding to it each week after the linky party!

This week's topic is science. As I have shared before, most of my science consists of hands-on activities, but I do use mentor texts to help us learn facts in a fun way. The book I want to share with you today is one that my kiddos and I will be reading next week.

Seymour Simon Volcanoes Book
Seymour Simon is one of my favorite nonfiction authors. I share many of his books with my kiddos, so they hear about him a lot. I love the way he shares facts in a fun and interesting way. His books are very engaging-which is what we need especially this time of year!

He has a great website here that I was just introduced to. I shared with my students many of the question/answers that people have asked him about how he first started to write and why he writes nonfiction books when we started planning our own informational pieces. Many of my students were surprised that he chose to research and write about things that he had questions about. It was funny to watch them realize that he is a person who learns too!

What are your favorite science mentor text?


  1. I have several Seymour Simon books put away that I had forgotten about. I bet I could entertain my kiddos with these for several hours this week. YAY! Thanks for reminding me about these great books.
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. I have this book somewhere in my class library too. Great illustrations and of course the kids LOVE learning about volcanoes!

    Ladybugs Lounge

  3. Our 5th graders use this book every year for their volcano unit. So much great stuff in there.

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  4. Thanks for this book recommendation - I'm using Holly's natural disaster unit next year and this book will be perfect to go with it.

  5. This book/author sounds great- I will be looking into his books for my classroom now too! I like that you went to his website and shared some of the ideas on their with your students- I'm sure it made the book that much more meaningful to them because they probably felt like they "know" the author then!
    Learning to the Core

  6. Thank you for sharing this book! I love your idea of sharing with the kids how Simon writes. What a great idea!!

    Koonce’s Korner

  7. I looooooove Seymour Simon! I mean love him! Especially for teaching informational writing. I did NOT know he had a website! I am so glad that you pointed that out!! I will have to check it out!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Collaboration Cuties

  8. Thanks for the website! I have this book! Yay! Thanks for sharing the site!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching