Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reader's Notebook-Setup and Inference Freebie

One of the things I knew I needed to do when I set up a Reading Workshop in my classroom was a way to asses my students learning. I am not a fan of traditional worksheets, I never have been, so I knew I needed a creative way to assess my students.
After my online search I decided to try a Reader's Notebook. I broke my notebook up into four sections. The first section included a reading log. This is where students kept track of all the books they read. They also kept track of when they started a book and when they finished it.

The second section is our "abandoned book" log. This is where students keep track of the books they have abandoned (I taught a two mini-lessons on when we need to push through a book, and when we need to give it up.) I do this to help them discover any "bad habits" that they might have when it comes to book choices.

This log is right out of The Book Whisper

The third section of the notebook is our "to read" log. This is where I encourage the kids to write books they know they want to read that they are either waiting to be published, or they are waiting for a friend to finish it first.
The final section (which is about 90% of the notebook) is our reading response section. This is where students keep notes on our mini-lessons.  For example, here is an inference chart that I use with my kiddos when I first teach inferences with them. It is a simple chart, but it helps some of them.
This section is also where they write a weekly letter to me about what they are reading. Their letter also needs to show me how they are using the skill we are learning about that week while they read.

How do you assess your students during Reading Workshop? What types of Graphic Organizers do you use? Check out Ideas by Jivey's Workshop Wednesday linky for more great graphic organizer ideas!


  1. I like how you have set up your notebooks. We are focussing on inferencing again after Easter. Thanks for sharing.

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  2. I LOOOOVE notebooks for EVERYTHING! :) Thanks for sharing!
    ideas by jivey

  3. That's a great way to set up a notebook- I like it! Pinning for next year!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  4. What a good idea.. my students record what they read, but not what they abandon. I think that's terrific! Then they can see for themselves why they aren't finishing books. Love it!

    Thanks for sharing,
    The 4th Grade Journey

  5. Great set up - I'm always looking for new ways to implement my reader's notebooks.

  6. I have a few students who really would have benefitted from an abandoned books log this year. That is a definite addition to my repertoire for next year. Thanks for sharing, Stacy @

  7. Do you mind sharing your reading logs with me please?

    Thank you! Love your blog!

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