Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Workshop-Math Games

It’s Wednesday, and I am linking up with Jivey from Ideas by Jivey for her Wednesday Workshop. Today it is all about math games…what do your students like to play during math time?

My kiddos have three favorites that are the go-to games. The first is War. (You have got to love the simple games.) I start the year by having the students write ten numbers in standard form on index cards. I then have them write those same ten numbers in expanded form on index cards. The students shuffle them together and play war against a classmate. It is great because it makes them compare numbers in multiple forms. The kids will also play multiplication and division war using math fact cards. Most recently I’ve had them play decimal and fraction war. The kids enjoy it so much that I had three of them playing it at indoor recess yesterday.

Another game my kids love is Countdown. It was donated to my classroom two years ago so I don’t know if you can still find it, but it is worth it if you can find it.

The goal of the game is for kids to put all of their wooden number tiles up first. To play you roll two dice and then add, subtract, multiply, or divide the numbers your rolled to equal your wooden number tiles. It is another great way to practice your facts.

A third game is called Sumoku. It is a game of multiples. You roll a die and then need to create a number puzzle using titles. The key is that when you add up the number tiles they need to equal a multiple of the number you rolled. There is even a Sumoku app that my kids play on our class ipad. I must admit-this game is a favorite of mine…I’ve been known to play it with them during indoor recess.

What are your students’ favorite math games?


  1. Many many years ago my grandfather made the count down game for craft shows. I LOVED playing it as a child, and now my own children play it. Thanks for the memory :)


  2. The war game is easy to make, but really would help with number comparisons. We are working on that right now so I think I will have to try it

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