Thursday, April 11, 2013

We are "Island Conquerors!"

We are almost finished with our state testing! One more test this week, and then two tests two weeks from now and we are finished! I cannot wait, and neither can my kiddos!

Since we have had such a heavy week of testing I wanted to do something fun with my kids, but still wanted them to learn (the end of the year is quickly approaching!) After looking on TPT I found a great game called Island Conquer.

This game can be used to review/practice area or perimeter, and it is free! Laura Candler (the author of this game) gives directions for a perimeter and an area game.

The students are given a coordinate grid. Then in groups of two they build "islands" using four coordinates that I copied onto pick card-stock. The students then find the area of the figure (or perimeter if you are playing the perimeter version.) If they get the problem correct they conquered the island and get to color it in with their color. If they miss it the other person can conquer it instead!

What I love about this game is that it not only reviews area and/or perimeter but it also requires students to use coordinate grids. It was a great fun way for my students to work together, but still practice the concepts we are learning in class. If you teach area/perimeter I highly recommend this game.
What are your favorite math activities to do with your kiddos when you teach area and perimeter?

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