Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tried it Tuesday-Creating and using QR Codes and a Freebie

Over the last few weeks I have had quite a few people ask me about QR codes. I know that they can seem intimidating at first, but they are extremely easy to make.

There are a lot of different websites that you can use to make QR codes. My favorite site is The QR Code Generator. I like this site because it is easy to use and with the click of a button you can change the size of the code. All you need to do is take whatever information you want to come up when the students scan the code and put it into the code generator. The QR Code immediately pops up onto the screen. Then all you need to do is copy and paste it into the document you are creating.

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There are a lot of free apps that you can download on your ipad, ipod, or iphone that allow you to read QR Codes. The one that my school uses is I-nigma QR Code. There are many others, this is just the one we use. It is very user friendly and free!

The beauty of QR codes is that you can use them in many different ways. I have used them to link my students to websites. (It is a lot easier to have them scan a QR code then to have them type in a website.) I have also used them in centers. My students will read a task card with a problem on it, solve the problem, and then check themselves to see if they are correct. Here is a task card freebie of some QR codes I use to review multiplication and division basic facts and properties.

Do you use QR codes in your classroom? If you do, how do you use them?  If you don't, give them a try. I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. I love learning more about QR codes - what a great motivator for students!

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  2. I haven't tried it yet, but my plan is to put QR codes in the front of popular books to link them to book trailers created by my students. We are trying it next week! Very excited!!!
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. I haven't tried QR codes yet either...I am trying to figure out how/when to use them.

    Everyone deServes to Learn

    1. I most commonly use them in math, you can find a lot of free ones in my TPT store and there are a lot of other free ones from TPT sellers that you can try. Let me know if you do.

  4. Yay, same topic! Thanks for the other links!

    Literacy Spark

  5. I am pinning this so WHEN I get tablets (or something!) I will know how to do this!

    Thank you!
    Collaboration Cuties

  6. This is awesome!! I have yet to try QR codes (but I really want to!). I am pinning this for future reference. Thanks for linking up!
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  7. I have got to get my stuff together when it comes to QR codes!! The problem I have is that we only have 1 ipad! :( Anyway---great post! I am your newest follower!!

    Mind Sparks

    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier :)

    1. Hi Katie, Thanks for following. I started using them when I only had one QR reader (it was actually my iphone.) I had the students use it in pairs as a center to go to when they finished their assignments. You may want to try that first and see how it works.