Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Workshop Wednesday-Freebie Math Games

Happy Wednesday! Today was a busy day in 4th was my student teacher's last day so of course we had to have a little celebration to thank her for all she did for us and my school computer crashed! I'm so thankful that I save everything on the server and not on my desktop!
Since it is Wednesday I am linking up with Ideas by Jivey to share some math games. My kiddos love playing math games. I've blogged about a few of them before, you can read about them here. But I want to share three freebie games that you can get from TPT with you today that my kids are loving right now.
 Bang!  A Multiplication Game
The first game is Bang! A Multiplication Game. This game is super easy to set up. I printed everything on cardstock, cut the "sticks" apart and put them in a little pail that I have in my classroom. The directions and answers are included so I set it up as a center in my classroom. I love it because my kids are practicing those tricky multiplication facts in a fun way.

Bang! Division Fact Game
The second game is Bang! Division Fact Game. I created this game last year out of necessity. My kids loved the Bang! Multiplication game and I really needed them to learn their division facts. The game is played the same way as the game above and the kids love it.

FREE Factor Race Math Game
The third game that my kids are really enjoying right now is Factor Race Math Game. This game requires a little more "teaching" to have your kids get the hang of it, but it is a fun, fast-moving game that has your students practice finding factors of a number. There is an "easy" set of numbers and a "challenging" set. I mixed them up and have the kids working with both sets since most of my kiddos are on the same level this year.

What are your favorite math games to play with your kiddos during workshop time?


  1. Love that I can use all of these games in math workshop this month! Thanks for sharing!:)

    iTeach 1:1

  2. These games are all so awesome and fit perfectly into what I'm teaching right now. Thanks.

  3. Thanks so much for the awesome free games! Love them!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  4. Thank you for the freebies! They will be perfect to use right away.

  5. love love LOVE these! Can't wait til I get home to download them and put them in stations. Thank you!