Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Can't Celebrate Halloween? That's okay it's National Candy Corn Day!

I've been officially boo'ed by Diane at Fifth in the Middle. Gary over at Scrappy Guy Designs has a fun linky party where you get a chance to share what you do or don't do with your students for Halloween.

Since I teach at a private Christian school I am not allowed to celebrate Halloween with my students. Most of the students do go out trick-or-treating, but there are enough families that have an issue with it that we avoid the issue by not having celebrations in school. As hard as we try to make the day "business as usual" it doesn't really work.

So what is a teacher to do when all your kiddos can think of is candy and costumes? Celebrate National Candy Corn Day of course!
Today, Wednesday October 30th is National Candy Corn Day. I actually hate candy corn, but the kids love it so we embrace it!

My sweet friend Laura created Candy Corn Sentences for Word Work. They are free on TPT. I hung the task cards around the room and had my kiddos find the verbs and helping verbs in the sentences. They also had to decide if the sentences were past, present, or future tense. Guess what grammar topic we are currently working on?
In math my kiddos and I are working on function tables. I grabbed this freebie from Emily at I Love My Classroom.

Of course we ended our day by eating candy corn...well my kiddos did. You couldn't pay me to eat them. What do you do to celebrate, or not celebrate Halloween? 


  1. I didn't know that today was National Candy Corn Day. Good to know, even though it's too late, I guess :)


  2. OMG! I hate candy corn too! Ever since I ate an entire bowl while at a sleepover as a kid. NEVER want to smell them again. Thanks for playing.

  3. How fun that you got to at least do National Candy Corn Day. After today, I think I've convinced myself that I might ban Halloween in my class for the rest of my life. Ugh...
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  4. I love candy corn! Next year, I need to capitalize on this holiday.

    Fit to be Fourth
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  5. National Candy Corn Day...I'm glad my wife and girls didn't know about that.

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