Friday, March 21, 2014

I'm not dead...I promise!

I can't believe it has been so long since my last post. The last few weeks have completely flown by!
Here's a quick recap for you:
I finished my grad. course for the semester (Praise God!)
I took a trip to NC to attend my brother-in-laws wedding. (Driving for 10 hours while 20 weeks pregnant was not my favorite part...)
I discovered that Glen and I are having a baby girl!
As for teaching stuff, I have lots of fun things to share with you. Things like this:
Science Fair activities:

Social Studies Simulations:

100th Day of School
Be on the lookout for posts on each of these activities in the next week or so!

What have you been up to? 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Currently

I cannot believe that it is already March! My poor blog...February slipped by so quickly I missed posting as often as I wanted to!

I'm linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for Currently!

Listening: My husband is on a Top Gear UK kick right now. I do find it highly amusing, so it is a nice show to have on in the background while I grade.

Loving: I'll be 19 weeks pregnant on Tuesday. This past week was the first week that I really felt the baby move. It is an amazing feeling...can't wait to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl!

Thinking: My poor blog has been so neglected. My school has had a lot of activities that I am involved in that have kept me busy after school.

Wanting: Even though we have had a million snow days this year I could really use one tomorrow...

Needing: I really need to get all our tax stuff together so I can send it off to our accountant. I also need to work on my final project for my grad class. If I have tomorrow off I'll have plenty of time to get it done!

?????: Can you guess the question to my answer? The first person to guess will receive a product of their choice from my store.

Happy March!