Thursday, February 28, 2013

Science Foldables

In my school we study social studies in quarters 1 and 3, and science in quarters 2 and 4. That means that my students are currently in the middle of social studies (we completed a really fun simulation today that I will share with you tomorrow,) but last quarter we made some great Foldables for each of our science units.
Our first unit in science is electricity. My students make two Foldables for this unit and we glue them together back to back so they are all together.
Foldable 1-each tab opens
Foldable 2-glued on the back-classic "shutter fold"
My students use this to write all of their important vocabulary words and key concepts down on paper. They can then use it as a reference when they work on their final assessment which involves wiring a cardboard house.

Our second science unit of the year is the human body. For that unit we make three Foldables and glue them into one giant Foldable.
Body System Foldable
Vocabulary Foldable 1
Vocabulary Foldable 2
Finished Foldable

We put every body system that we cover as well as all of the key vocabulary on the Foldables. The students use them for in-class projects and reviews. Then they take them home to help them study for their test. The students love have a "giant" Foldable, and I love it because it is extremely hard for them to loose!


  1. I love this...I want to use this with my own two children who are in middle school. I think that this will be so helpful! Thanks for sharing- I am a new follower!
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  2. Do you have what you wrote on the inside of each flap of these foldables? I would like to use them as an intro to my lesson on Thursday if possible.