Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Math Foldables

As I shared yesterday, I have fallen in love with Foldables! They are a great way to have your students write notes in a fun way. While we worked through our geometry unit we made many Foldables to help them learn the terms. Those of you that teach geometry know just how many terms students are expected to know. These Foldables are great because you just use notebook paper that you have on hand. If students use a binder they can place the Foldables in their binder using the holes.
Types of Triangles Foldable
Types of Triangles Foldables (inside)
 The students enjoy making the Foldables because they are able to create something. I let the kids use them to quiz each other in class to help them practice them. I also have the kids take it home to help them study. The parents appreciate them because, for many of them, it has been a long time since they used these terms!
Quadrilaterals Foldable
Quadrilaterlas Foldable (inside)
Check back tomorrow when I share some of the Foldables I use in Science. Happy folding!

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