Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Edible 3-D Geometry

Who doesn't love edible math? I know my kiddos love whenever I pull out some type of food item that are instantly engaged. My students and I were working through our geometry unit, and I decided to give them a "hands-on" experience when we covered 3-D shapes. After a brief review of what a 3-D shape is, and a fun foldable to help us learn the key vocabulary terms (face, edge, vertices,) we built them!
We started by making a cube using marshmallows and toothpicks. Our toothpicks represented the edges and the marshmallows the vertices. My students were able to easily count the number of edges, sides, and vertices on the 3-D objects.
We then made a square pyramid and triangular pyramid and were able to really see how they are different (something my kiddos struggle with every year.)
Then I "set them free" and allowed them to create other 3-D shapes. Here are a few that they made:

Of course after we finished making everything they really enjoyed eating them!

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