Thursday, October 30, 2014

Student Self Evaluations-Getting Ready for Conferences

Time is flying by and many of you are getting ready for Parent-Teacher Conferences. As a teacher, I had a love/hate relationship with conferences. I loved being able to share with the parents what was going on in their child's life. I loved the insight I gained from the parents when we met together.

I hated the long nights, teaching all day, meeting all night, and then teaching the next day again...It made for a very long week leading up to Thanksgiving. To make things easier I created a Student Self Assessment.(Free in my TPT store.)

I created this form to help students evaluate themselves and to give me a starting point for conferences. We all know some conferences are easier than others to hold. Having students share what they need to work on in their own words was a great way for me to get started. It is amazing, because most of the time the students knew the exact thing they needed to work on, and parents were more perceptive to anything "negative" because it was their child's idea.

 What do you do to get ready for conferences? What does your conference schedule look like?