Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Currently

I cannot believe that it is already March! My poor blog...February slipped by so quickly I missed posting as often as I wanted to!

I'm linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for Currently!

Listening: My husband is on a Top Gear UK kick right now. I do find it highly amusing, so it is a nice show to have on in the background while I grade.

Loving: I'll be 19 weeks pregnant on Tuesday. This past week was the first week that I really felt the baby move. It is an amazing feeling...can't wait to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl!

Thinking: My poor blog has been so neglected. My school has had a lot of activities that I am involved in that have kept me busy after school.

Wanting: Even though we have had a million snow days this year I could really use one tomorrow...

Needing: I really need to get all our tax stuff together so I can send it off to our accountant. I also need to work on my final project for my grad class. If I have tomorrow off I'll have plenty of time to get it done!

?????: Can you guess the question to my answer? The first person to guess will receive a product of their choice from my store.

Happy March!


  1. Awww, congratulations on your baby! It's such a miracle when you finally are able to feel the baby move around!
    The Bomb-Diggity Classroom

  2. Congratulations to you and your husband! That's so exciting! It is so amazing when you feel the baby move! Are you finding out this week if its a boy or girl?! I hear ya on another snow day! I'm just going to throw it out there but is your question, what you injured slipping on the ice this winter or bones you have broken? Ouch, hopefully I'm wrong because that would hurt!!
    Tricks of the Trade in First Grade

  3. Yeah! You can feel the baby move! I cannot wait to hear what you are having! I have negleted my blog too so don't worry! Life happens!

    Are those things you have broken?

    Rosie's Rambles

  4. Thankfully, we have a regular day of school today after threats of a storm last night. However, it would have been nice to have a snow day and knock some more things off of my to do list. I am with you on the taxes. It will be Spring Break before I get to mine this year.

    Have a great week!
    Fit to be Fourth

  5. Congratulations on the baby!! That is so exciting! We are having our 10th snow day today with freezing rain and snow...ick! Are those all things you've broken?

  6. Congrats on the baby!! How exciting!! My district had a snow day today---and I always have such high hopes for productivity on those days. BUT--somehow the day slips away and I don't have a lot to show for it!. :( I am guessing your question is bones that you have broken? Maybe....

    Mind Sparks

  7. Congratulations on the baby, Bethany! That is so exciting! Top Gear is definitely an entertaining show- my hubby loves it too and I really don't mind it! :)
    Learning to the Core

  8. Congrats on the baby! Grad classes are no fun at all. Are those things that all hurt? Lol. Found you through the linky.

    Enchanted Kinder Garden